Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing Review

Graco DuetSoothe Baby Swing Review

Every parent knows that the best moments of their lives are those spent with their child. They love cradling their children, and they especially love seeing that smile on their face when the babies are happy.

The problem is that mommy and daddy also need some hands-free moments – even when the child may not agree to it. To make these moments easier, they need something to mimic the cradle motions; they need a baby swing.

So, in this review, we will talk about the features provided by the Graco DuetSoothe and how it will benefit parents all over the world.

About The Product

If there’s anything that moms are good at, that’s multitasking – which is why they all learn to appreciate this two-in-one baby swing. Not only can it be used as a regular swing, but it can function as a rocker as well.

This baby swing features a durable frame made from plastic and metal – everything topped with a soft and comfy cushion that your baby will learn to love.

Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker


At 21 pounds, this unit is fairly portable and can easily be moved from one place to another. It even has a detachable option that allows you to take the swing off from the frame – and just hold it by the handle.

Considering that it works on batteries, this baby swing doesn’t keep you glued to one spot. Furthermore, this enables the vibrating option to function properly – therefore soothing your little one even better.

With a maximum capacity of 30 pounds, this one is suitable for small and heavier babies alike.  

Overall, here are the features provided by the Graco DuetSoothe baby swing:

  • check
    Metal frame and plastic accessories
  • check
    It uses 5D batteries
  • check
    It weighs around 21 pounds, making it lightweight
  • check
    It can support any baby from 5.5 to 30 pounds weight
  • check
    Seat vibrating feature
  • check
    Option to choose between batteries and plug-in
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    It works as both swing and cradle/rocker

As you can see, this is definitely a baby seat that both parents and children can enjoy.

The Results

From the very start, you can see that this is a versatile product for babies that don’t really know what they want. Some like being rocked left and right, some want the back and forth motion – and others want a mixture of both.

Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker


Furthermore, if you want to do the swinging yourself or carry the baby around, it’s easy to detach the seat from the swing. It’s fairly lightweight, so you won’t have problems carrying it single-handedly.

The plug-in option allows you to save money. Indeed, it will take power from the house – but at least you won’t have to start running after batteries the moment they run out. You just have to plug it in and you’re all set.

The vibrating feature is also very useful when your baby is a tricky one to put to sleep. You may choose any setting between the two, depending if your child prefers a faster or a smoother vibration.

The seat itself is also fairly large – so even if your kid has a little bit of extra weight, he or she will still fit snugly in the seat. Just make sure to stop using the seat once the kids hit 25 pounds – or they start trying to wriggle their way out.

What Other People Say

Many of the people who purchased this swing appreciate it for its versatility – especially the fact that it can swing in different directions. The swing is fairly big, and they can rock every baby to sleep in no time.

People also appreciated the fact that it was very easy to install, and that they can remove the rocker when they want to carry the baby around with them, “basket-like.”

There were, however, some complaints that the rocker is very loud. Some say the noise came as a swinging creak, others say that the noise came from the seat vibration. This would eventually wake up any baby trying to get some shut-eye.

However, all of these options are fixable with a little oil or some extra security clips or bands to keep the motor in place. With proper maintenance, there should not be any problems with unnatural sounds.

What We Liked

The best part about this chair is the fact that it can swing both ways. This way, it’s perfect if the baby has certain preferences.

We also appreciated the fact that you can choose the speed and vibration levels yourself, depending on the child’s preferences. It will soothe them, making it easier for the child to fall asleep.

What We Didn’t Like

We didn’t like the fact that the baby rocker starts creaking after some time. In the beginning, it was fairly silent, and you barely even heard it works. However, after some time, the noise became very annoying.

Buying Advice

Once you have settled on buying the baby swing, there are several places where you can look for it. You can get it from a specialized shop, a flea market, or from the manufacturer’s store.

The online world offers you more freedom since you will definitely find this model at different prices. However, the smart customer will always buy from Amazon.

Graco DuetSoothe Swing and Rocker


Depending on the time of purchase, you have all the chances of getting a discount, as well as free shipping. Even if that is not an option, prices on Amazon are always lower than anywhere else.

Final Thoughts

This baby swing is a versatile option that will save many parents a great deal of money. While it may be a bit heavy to be called fully portable, it is still easy enough to disassemble and move from one place to another – with the baby in it.

We’d recommend this to anyone looking for something safe, affordable and effective. Plus, it’s so versatile that it will feel as if you have two products: a rocker and a swing. Every newborn and toddler will definitely love it.

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