Graco SimpleSway Baby Swing Review

Graco SimpleSway Baby Swing Review

A baby swing is not only a baby’s best friend – but it is a parent’s as well. Since a baby is immobile during the first few months of their life, they need something to tire them out – and nothing works better than a good rocking session.

The problem is that no matter how much you try, it’s impossible to hold them every minute of the day. You have chores to do, or sometimes you simply need a break – which is why the rocking power of a baby swing is so convenient.

In this guide, we will tackle the soothing power of the Graco SimpleSway baby swing.

It’s a product used by many new parents and is something that will make raising a baby look like a real breeze.

About The Product

The Graco SimpleSway is a product that has a certain alluring charm.

It’s simple enough and it does not occupy that much space, it has a stylish design that is perfect to fit in every house, and it’s effective in keeping the baby entertained for hours.

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing


Thanks to its plug-in option, this product is a good method for saving the money you would otherwise waste on batteries. However, if you do want to increase its portability, this unit works just as well on batteries (4D for swinging and 1D for its vibration option).

The SimpleSway has six different swinging speeds so that you can adjust it to your baby’s preferences. Furthermore, you have two vibration levels to choose from, therefore choosing the soothing level for your child.

This product features a plush seat meant to increase the comfort of your baby. Plus, thanks to its 5-point harness, your baby will not roll out of the seat.

Featuring 15 songs and nature sounds along with an overhead toy mobile, your baby will have plenty of ways to stay entertained or be soothed.

Last but not least, considering that its maximum recommended weight is at 30 pounds, it can hold more than the average baby swing.

Overall, here are the features that might come to your interest:

  • check
    5.5 to 30 pounds weight limit
  • check
    It has a compact form and it’s lightweight (19 pounds)
  • check
    4D batteries along with a plug-in option
  • check
    6-speed swinging and vibration mode
  • check
    5-point harness
  • check
    Plush seat
  • check
    15 songs and nature sounds along with a toy mobile

As you can see, this baby swing has everything that it takes to make your baby happy.

The Results

Once you’ve installed it, this compact seat can be easily placed anywhere in the room. It has a small frame, so you may use it even if you are limited on space. All things considered, the seat is fairly spacious, and it may fit even a larger baby comfortably.

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing


The fact that you can use it on both batteries and plugged in is a fairly good option. This way, if you want to take it while you are traveling, or you don’t have a power outlet nearby, it will still be usable for several hours.

This baby swing also comes with 15 songs – all of them having different tempos. This way, you can choose the rhythm depending on how your baby is feeling. Plus, it will also be less repetitive for the child.

The 30-pound weight limit is a good option for those children who are slightly bigger than others of the same age. However, if you notice that your baby becomes restless, you might want to consider putting the swing away.

Indeed, it is great that it can hold a lot – but its compact form and the added weight will make it easy for the baby to trip the swing over. Wriggles are never good when it comes to baby swings.

What Other People Say

Most people appreciated this baby swing for the fact that it is budget-friendly and simple to use. They call it a space-saver, a sanity helper – everything coming in an easily-assembled combo.

The settings are easy to use, and many claim that they love playing with them. Like us, they also appreciate the fact that you can adapt it for both battery and plug-in use. For the price, you get a fairly decent product.

What We Liked

We like the fact that despite it being so compact, it still features a plug-in option. Plus, the spacious seat increases the comfort of the baby – making it perfect for long naps and even overnight sleeping.

The 15 songs at different tempos are also a great asset. This way, it won’t be boring for the parent either, and you can pick them based on the activity level of your child.

If they’re feeling energetic, you can choose a faster tempo. On the other hand, if they are feeling sleepy, you just choose one with a lower tempo or something that features nature sounds.

What We Didn’t Like

We did not particularly like the fact that the mobile was not as mobile as we thought it would be. Since it’s not motorized, it just sits still there, leading to almost no visual stimulation for the baby.

Another thing that we did not particularly like was the fact that there are no incline positions. If you like the one chosen by the manufacturer, that’s great. But if you want to adjust it in a different position, it’s impossible to do so.

Buying Advice

This baby swing can be purchased from almost anywhere for just a little under $100. However, some websites may be more expensive, since they also include shipping fees.

Graco Simple Sway Baby Swing


Look for websites that offer discounts, as well as free shipping – such as Amazon. Plus, you may want to read as many reviews as possible; the product may be highly rated for most babies, but you’ll want to make sure it’s perfect for your baby.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for something affordable, durable, and that promises a great deal of comfort, then we recommend that you buy the SimpleSway by Graco.

You will definitely love this product if you live in a small apartment. It’s compact, it’s versatile, and you can easily store it when it is not in use. 

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